It's time for a Renaissance of the HeART if you're ready to...

  • Express & witness your heart's GUIDANCE

  • Activate the SELF-LOVE you know you deserve

  • LET GO of burdens weighing you down

  • Embrace the DREAMS you've hidden away

  • OPEN yourself to deeper love & gratitude

  • Take a trip to meet your spirit GUIDE

  • Find your unique heart's GIFT to the world

  • Explore & uncover your heart chakra's FULL POWER

  • Create art from the HeART

  • Lean into your DIVINE wisdom

  • Follow your heart's fire into a life of radiant FLOW

Ready to fire up YOUR Radiant HeART?


Start Feeling - Listening - Creating - Seeing - Connecting


Heart-Centered Yoga

Open the windows of your heart & fill your body as a vessel with its loving, expansive energy in this heart-centered flow.

(1 yoga session)

Creative Visualization

From journaling & journeying through guided meditations, you'll take a sweet trip to receive the gifts your heart & guides are waiting to deliver.

(6 journaling prompts & 2 meditations)

Chakra Art from the HeART

Spontaneously express the language of your soul and see what your intuitive heart has to say through its energetic guidance.

(2 art making sessions)

What are students saying?

"Very opening! My journey as a woman has shifted and I am finding a new direction. Working hard to open my mind to find myself and embrace my life TODAY. I now feel a sense of new direction, letting go and doing."

— Diane I., Harrisburg, PA

"Great! I felt at peace. Making me more aware of my body, emotions, feelings. I'd love to take more workshops and have more experience with it."

— Courtney G., Kingston, PA

"Loved it! Everything. ...Had a wonderful experience...she's a phenomenal leader in self care and self awareness and I look forward to learning more about myself; to be honest. Experience was very moving."

— Suzanne D., Mountain Top, PA


What if I'm not an artist?

Doesn't matter! This course includes a spontaneous art experience that anyone (novice to pro) can get into, and witness the heart speak in visual form.

What art supplies do you recommend?

I prefer oil pastels and a thick piece of paper, but you can choose whatever your heart (or convenience) calls for! I provide the full list in module 1 so you can best prepare.

How is this different from the Free Your Heart-Chakra Challenge?

You'll dive much deeper into the subtle energy of the heart, exploring journaling, rituals, guided meditations, yoga and art making exercises to express the language of your soul— straight from the heart. Discovering more about yourself and kindling your heart's full power to rise up and shine.

Will this heal my broken heart or trigger my emotions?

Your reactions are as unique as your heart. True healing is a personal journey that only you can take. Sometimes that means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable; as feelings arise to be seen, honored and then processed into acceptance and growth. This course delivers transformative tools that with practice, help you step into self-healing, creativity, intuitive power and more—setting your mind and heart more at ease. If you'd like more support during this process, reach out for 1-on-1 coaching.

What if I've never done yoga or don't know how to meditate?

No problem, the yoga is a floor-based heart-opening practice that beginners and experienced yogis both enjoy. The meditations are guided, so rather than trying to silence your mind, I take it (and your heart!) somewhere beautiful.

What is your refund policy?

I want you to be happy! So if you finish the course within 14 days and don't feel it's of value, the 100% money-back guarantee has your back...and your peace of mind.

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My HeART & Yours

At the time of this photo I was in a lot of pain. Both me and the painting going through serious work in progress. Betrayal and heartbreak had taken me down, but also back to my roots. It led me back to my core as an artist.

This beautiful gift was hiding in plain sight, but I sure wasn't ready to accept THAT yet. Unbeknownst to me , I was stepping into the lessons of a radiant heart.

Working on this self-portrait, titled Escape (hah!), helped me work through my soul's journey. I still had so much to learn. Looking for local classes that combined the holistic practices that were helping me heal, I couldn't find anything. So I leaned into that urging and brought the YogART teachings and transformational wisdom to the East Coast.

During my training, I created the same heART chakra art you'll discover in this course. And boy did it have a message for me! One that sent me deeper into the path of healing and empowerment. The renaissance of my heART.

In this course, you'll learn more about this story—and see the twist of humor in it. You'll find out how that rabbit hole got even deeper, and learn how to take your own heart from where it is now, into your radiant heART's rising.