Are you ready to RECLAIM YOUR FLAME in 2024?

As we grow into adults and the many roles we play, many of us lose track of who we are, or who we want to be. It's not really a matter of finding ourself, but instead reclaiming our TRUE self! The free spirit we are all born with.

Change-points in life like divorce, empty nesting, career changes and other times of upheaval offten trigger this deep longing.

2023 was a tough year for me and many others, I know. The choice for 2024 is, are we going to use that as another excuse, or as fuel for the MORE we want out of life? That "more" our intuitive side knows all about. I know what my answer is!

If you too are feeling the need to shift into something better, stronger, more radiant and REAL this year, there's nothing more powerful than the human heart. Especially when we come together.

That's what this women's circle 💞 is all about.

To shift your energy and LIVE HEART-FIRST FROM A PLACE OF CHOICE rather than "what happens to us," join me and other women like you in igniting our heart's full fire to manifest change!

In this 3-month journey, I guide you into a 1-on-1 coaching intensive that empowers your feminine fires of:





... so you can expand into the unique gifts you're here to offer your life, relationships and the world.

This is a Special Edition coaching intensive just for 2024, and it's limited to only 5 students.

Stop putting yourself last and commit to reclaiming the flame you were born with and enroll in this exclusive program today.

What's included?

As women, we rise together! Experience both 1-on-1 support and group collaboration as we gather 'Round the heARTh to ignite our highest potential in this MYSTICAL FUSION of potent transformational practices:

Radiant HeART Rising online course
Enjoy a Supported Journey into
Radiant HeART Rising

Meet 1-on1 as often as needed, in coaching sessions where you're nurtured and guided through this online course full of SOULISTIC TOOLS for self-healing & empowerment:

Journaling + Meditation + Yoga + Heart Chakra Mandala Art + Intuitive Witnessing

Live Zoom Tantra Rituals
Explore the Sensual Mystery of Tantra Rituals

2 live group Zoom sessions where we dive deep into the POWER OF OUR CHAKRAS and our sensual soul connections to the divine:

• A Taste of Tantra (using your senses as portals)
• Elemental Shakti Rising (dancing in sync with the elements of nature)

Painting Workshops live on zoom
Painting to Rewild your Sacred Feminine Energy

2 live group Zoom "artuals" activating our highest intentions through ART MEDICINE (aka play):

• Soul Abstract Painting (transforming negativity to potent power)

• Paint & Be a Dreamcatcher (setting new intentions to catch your dreams)

Warriors of the Heart

It's Revolution Time

We are all SO connected and quantum physics now agrees. Science has finally caught up with ancient wisdom and can not only "see" our chakras, but can measure our energy fields, which overlap and affect each other, the Earth and ALL things—no matter how far away!

Clearly, we are more powerful than we've been led to believe. Collectively, when we meditate or emit intense, positive emotion, scientists can actually measure not only a shift in the Earth's magnetic field, but also a significant reduction in worldwide violence and terrorism. This is how subtle energy works. Fascinating, right?

As we create heart-centered shift in our life, we create tangible change that goes way beyond ourselves. When we MAKE LOVE, in any way (creatively, physically, in ritual, our heart chakra, etc.), we CREATE LOVE in the world. When it's done in tandem with others, the effect magnifies and becomes even more contagious. Let's be the change you want to see in the world—it starts here. With the power your heart, mine and all the ladies that come together in 'Round the HeARTh Women's Circle.

There's a wild mix of DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY activating within our sacred circle!

HEARTH 🔥 + hEARTH 🌏 + heARTh 🎨 + HEARTh 💕

Click the button to sign up & reclaim your flame:

This is your CLARION CALL if you:

Feel like you're treading water through life

Are trying to reinvent or reclaim yourself

Crave a holistic approach for self-healing

Want to express & embody your true self

Long to get in touch with your feminine power

Are tired of hiding behind the wounds of your heart

Are suffering from divorce, grief, or an empty nest

Feel like you've lost yourself

Have lost touch with your creativity

Feel separated from your sensual nature

Want to expand your spirituality and live from the heart

Desire deeper connection to yourself & others

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any art or other experience?

Absolutely not! The intuitive painting I teach is all about accessing the innate creativity we're all born with. We paint in expressive layers that eventually reveal our beautiful uniqueness. Yoga, meditation, and tantra rituals are also geared for ANY experience level. No worries either way. It's time to explore and embrace your power!

How are my coaching sessions scheduled?

After purchasing, you'll get instructions on how to schedule your first and upcoming sessions, held weekly, bi-weekly or as often as you decide!

How does the rest of this program work?

You'll be notified and enrolled into the Radiant HeART Rising course automatically on March 1st. Later that month, you'll receive links to the Live Zoom Tantra Rituals and Painting workshops.

What are the coaching milestones like?

They're meant to keep you on track and accountable to yourSELF. There is no judgement, just support as you move through the Radiant HeART Rising course at your own pace, creating and adapting to changes in your life.

What if I want more coaching sessions?

Anytime you need more coaching, simply purchase another session or package from my Transformational Coaching program.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds for coaching programs, as it's so important to follow through on the intuitive guidance that brought you here. To trust in and show up for yourself! By signing up, you make a commitment straight from the heart, in alignment with your highest self and purpose. You can always reschedule sessions if something gets in the way of your progress.

Reserve one of the 5 spots today!